Why is cash needed in a pool of credits?

Why ask for a liquidity envelope when consolidating?

Why ask for a liquidity envelope when consolidating?

There are many reasons for requesting a liquidity envelope in a credit buyback. But the most relevant of them is the fact that this is a solution to have a kind of parachute ready to open in a difficult time.

That said, it saves you an early subscription to new credits that can lead to the progression of excessive debt. A boon for households whose subscription to a new bank loan may generate financial discomfort because of a debt ratio already fair, ie close to 33% of household income.

A new loan assumes higher rates of the type revolving credit or reserve of money, and more and more heavy bills to honor due to accumulation of financial charges.

Note, however, that this supplementary budget availability envelope must not contain more than 15% of the total amount financed. Indeed, beyond this percentage, this financial aid risks conversely to increase the pooling of credits. Instead of helping in the face of the vagaries of life, it becomes in this case an additional monetary handicap.

Invest through pooled credit.

At the time when it constitutes the necessary funds for the realization of its project, became a luxury, many households benefit from a reorganization of loans and debts to open a savings account in order to set up an investment as a safety valve.

How is it possible ?

Simply because the pooled credit offers the possibility of obtaining cash through an increase in monthly purchasing power.

Cleverly, you can use this money to feed your Livret A. Hard to believe, but some go so far as to use it to invest in real estate investing. However, it is advisable to take the time to correctly consider the feasibility of the project, and to analyze the profits that can be made.

How to get cash on loan redemption?

How to get cash on loan redemption?

It is indeed possible to integrate cash in a bank loan repurchase transaction. To do this, simply tell your broker. Although the latter must take care to carefully analyze your financial situation before recommending possible solutions.

It is always good and recommended to take enough time to assess your own debt and savings situation before making a study request.

You are safe from possible problems with late payments.

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