We check where you can take a student loan.


Bank ROD, BYS, BIS and NBP – inc – there you can apply for a student loan. Although we will pay the same amount of interest everywhere, the total costs are the lowest in the first institution and the highest in the last.

Although studies in Poland are theoretically free, studying costs money. Where to get the money for it? One option is a student loan .

Why student loan can be good

Why student loan can be good

Some people find indebtedness early in their adult lives – and rightly so – to be a fatal move. However, for some who want to continue their education at the highest level, this type of financing will be the only sensible solution. In the absence of other sources of income (family, scholarships, work), student loans do not have to be that bad. Why?

  1. Low costs
    Student loan is one of the cheapest forms of long-term financing on the market – even cheaper than a mortgage. This is due to the legal provisions (Student Loans Act 1998).
    The student loan interest rate cannot be higher than 120 percent. NBP rediscount rate, which is currently 2.1 percent per year. In addition, Bank of the Man Nation (BMN) finances over half of the interest, thanks to which the student repays an installment of 0.875 percent. per year.
  2. The loan repayment begins two years after leaving school
    (unless you quit them – then you have to start giving money from the next month).
  3. Repayment lasts twice as long as the loan period
    For example: if someone graduated in four years (48 months), the loan will be repaid for eight years (96 months).
  4. Possibility of redemption of receivables:
  • in 1/5 – for good academic performance (graduation in the group of 5% of the best graduates of a given year) ,
  • as a whole – in a difficult situation and above life than the borrower or the continued loss than he s ability to repay obligations.

A student loan is different from a traditional loan in that the customer does not receive the entire amount requested immediately. The bank pays him tranches in the amount requested by the student for 10 months a year. How much exactly? After recent changes (read more), it may even be 1,000 PLN per month for a maximum of six years (four years – in the case of doctoral students).

In total, therefore, a student can borrow up to 40-60 thousand students for studies . PLN If he is unable to provide security for this amount, he has the right to use BMN’s sureties or – if he lives in rural areas – ARMA. But then each tranche will be reduced by 1.5 percent. (from PLN 6 to 15 depending on the loan amount) by way of commission.

How much does student loan cost

Currently, student loans are available at four commercial banks and some cooperative banks. Only a few years ago, the offer was much broader, but due to decreasing interest rates, low profitability (statutory restrictions) and systematic depletion of applicants (in 2012-2016 the number of student loan contracts signed decreased 2.5 times), some institutions resigned from granting this kind of financing.

Currently n ajtańsza proposal seems to Bank ROD, which since its students with a personal account (Eurokonto Intro) does not charge any – apart from interest income – fees. However, be aware of the fees on the current account and debit card, which the bank only tolerates once the conditions are met. The most expensive is in NBP – inc . Details of student loan offers are presented in the table.

Banks granting student loans


Basic credit costs *

NBP – inc

Variant with a personal account:

interest rate: 0.875% on an annual basis,
commission: 2% on the whole amount or each tranche

Variant without a personal account:

interest rate: 0.875%
commission: 5%,
preparation fee: PLN 400

Bank ROD

Variant with a personal account:

interest rate: 0.875%

Variant without a personal account:

interest rate: 0.875%
commission: 0.5%


interest rate: 0.875%

commission: 0.75%


interest rate: 0.875%

commission: 1%


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