At times like this, I think to myself I have not wasted my time on supporting Winamp Although I have frequently kept up with the Winamp Forum I have not posted in a couple of years I think as nothing of value to add. Let's go back to your IF comment. I hope, this skin was only the latest skin and not the last skin in the Winamp World, and that a next skin will come out some day.

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Originally Posted by Victhor All my desired pieces of information are displayed in the skin. I know why the IF condition does not work. Only things i would change are: Originally Posted by xmuzack The only issue I've found with it so far is that it refuses to display on a secondary monitor on Win Big Bento Modern, new version, almost final!

Just figured out what I did wrong. We need javascript to function properly otherwise some things won't work. Powered by SMF 2.


It always happened when resizing window dragging, maximizing, minimizing. Find More Posts by HerbalTowers. Well, it's been almost a month since I wimamp this, I'd like to hear some feedback from those using it. Newer displays aren't necessarily bigger, but manufacturers are using bigger resolutions, which ends up making the pixels smaller. We assume, there is a boolean variable called answer.

Victhor, Thank you for your work. I'll upload the maki source files later. Practicamente todas las fuentes winaamp skin se pueden cambiar desde ahi!

Big Bento Modern self. Want to add to the discussion? Or is that because I didn't unzip the skin bentk pasted wihamp 3 versions directly as.

I don't use Visualisations or watch videos with Winamp and since I finished setting up the skin, there is nothing useful available that i would want to take up that screen space. The VU meter is composed of xml and makis, just like any modern skin, so maybe I can add it as a fixed visualizer once the skin is published. Submit a new link.

This is my first post in a long time. So the function is supposed to bentto some commands if a song is played or paused. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Hi RudieV, thanks for your words! So these would be my spontaneous ideas: After many years of usage, Winamp is still my favourite music player and I have never found any substitute worthy of changing my mind.

Thank you for your passion. I really miss my simple layout of controls on the left and a big playlist on the right and nothing else visible.

Need Big Bento or Modern Skin in XXXL size - Winamp & SHOUTcast Forums

Find More Posts by ariszlo. Unless there is something that has a similar layout. We will see us somewhen next week Heh glad you liked it, but you've mistaken the skin for a cPro skin, this is not, this is a traditional modern skin. I still appreciate the bigger fonts and windows on high dpi displays tho.

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