Unpacking Your Computer Your computer may not be supplied with all of the accessories shown, depending on the computer configuration purchased. Do not disassemble it or dispose of it in fire. Setting up the remote control Turn the remote control over. Page 69 Installing a memory module Shut down your computer and turn off all peripheral devices, such as your printer. Page 80 How do I change the video resolution of my display?

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Right-click in the WinDVD window. To connect the remote sensor control Plug the remote sensor control’s cable into either jack 1 or 2 located on the back of the remote sensor. Reconnect vgc-rb60g SATA signal cable and power connectors to the original drive. Unplug vgc-rb60g computer and vgc-rb60v any vgc-rb60g devices.

Sony VGC-RB60G User Manual

Press vgc-rb60g Num Lock key to activate the numeric keypad. To locate a Service Center near you, visit the Sony online support Vgc-rb60g site at http: Getting Started Congratulations vgc-rb60g your purchase of the Sony VAIO state-of-the-art computer functionality with the latest audio, video and vgc-rb60g technology features. How do I change the video resolution of my display?

The Windows Task Manager window appears.


Vgc-rb60g information about the Sony software preinstalled on your computer, click Start in the Windows. Your new computer is vgc-rb60g superb blend of high technology and easy-to-use.

Page 67 Attach vgd-rb60g internal cables that the card requires. Verify that the monitor refresh rate is set to 60 Hz, using the vgc-rb60g vgc-rb60t Page 93 Why can’t I view or record a movie when my computer is connected to an external device, such as a VCR or DVD player, or vgc-rb60g I am vgc-rb60g an analog input connection?

Click Start from the Windows taskbar and select All Programs. These other devices may cause interference, causing your wireless keyboard or mouse to stop working properly. Why doesn’t my computer resume vgc-rb60g operation from Stand by mode?


Abt – Sony VAIO RB Series Desktop PC VGCRB60G VGC-RB60G – Larger Images

Plug both the display and computer power cords into a grounded AC wall outlet or a power vgc-rb60g. Using a type of battery other than a CR may present a risk of fire or vgc-rb60g.

Page 94 Why can’t I fast forward or rewind a video? If your monitor does not play back video content properly, try setting the display to a vgc-rb60g refresh vgc-rb60g. Attach any internal cables that the card requires. Computer Specifications, which lists your computer’s. Do not remove a memory card while the vgc-rb60g access indicator light is on. This vgc-rb60g actions are similar to using the OK button. Page 98 Do vgc-rb60g mix old used and new batteries when replacing batteries in the wireless mouse.

If you make changes to a music file using Media Center, the vgc-rb60g are not visible when played in SonicStage software. Page 88 Why do my song information edits revert to the original content when I use My Music?

Using Memory Cards and Memory Card Readers Vgc-rb60g section vgc-rb60g basic information about using your computer’s installed memory card readers. Enter text from picture: Vgc-rb60g 1 Connect one end of a Vgc-rb60g coaxial cable optional to your cable service access.

Connecting a Display Monitor The location, availability, and type of the monitor port may vary, depending on the model purchased.

Vgc-rb60g computer’s hardware configuration may vary from the illustrations shown in this section. LINK device, if the vgc-rb60g is equipped with a 6-pin connector. Vgc-rb60g the battery with a Sony CR lithium battery.

SonicStage software Sony Electronics Inc.

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