But the political situation in South Africa restricted him to seven caps, in which time he amassed 41 wickets at a sensational average of Retrieved from " https: Then he sees a penguin and insults it due to its weight and its inability to do anything except walking, but the penguin immediately attacks, which knocks the kid out cold.

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This final category groups together other Joe Cartoon offerings, illustrating a wide range of topics and art styles that have been explored since the website was first created. In the fifth Testin Madras, Gavaskar batted seven minutes short of ten hours forwhile Kapil added a thumping 84 to match figures of 11 for Peebles later became cricket correspondent of the Sunday Timesbefore he died in Buckinghamshire in He was famously described as having an action like "a frog in a blender" after he bamboozled England in a tour match inand soon became South Africa's youngest Test cricketer.

Superfly, or Supahfly, is another well-known character from the site.

Unsourced material may be challenged froh removed. He has many catchphrases, such as 'Oh, my freakin' head, I'm so wasted! In order to keep the content serving up free, beer flowing and fishing rod wet we have decided to move the site completely over to YouTube—so consider this the official home of JoeCartoon.

Frog in a Blender - Joe Cartoon

They have also appeared in the music video blendeer 'I'm a Little Catfish', and even in a small short holiday film in which Gertrude gave a stripper pole to Jebidiah as a Christmas gift and coerces him to "start dancin'" by wielding a rifle she bought for herself.

Later inthe fly starred in the other cartoon 'Stoneflies', blendwr the fly and his 2 buddies face a man smoking weed and the man kills the other 2 flies. Noted for their crude humor and tongue-in-cheek violence, Joe Boender were among the first widely distributed web-based productions of their kind.

At the end [after a short cameo by the Gerbil in the second appearance, he yells that there is no part of his contract about "getting slammed up against the aquarium every two seconds" and goes on a strike ], he is found in a cabinet, making viewers realize that it was all a dream, but then Joemomma gives the finger.

They debuted in with the part series 'Thuh Greenfields'. Lump has been shown in the Greenfields froh, when Jebidiah tries to find a solution to end destruction of a city by spray-painting him and calling him 'Super Cow', but he does not have any special powers due to his lack of legs.

A couple of laughs?

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. About to shoot the last projectile, then b,ender shot by a hunter, who then shoots the Gerbil after being hit by a paint thinner bottle thrown by the Gerbil.

Frog in a Blender

He made his first appearance in the cartoon 'Joemomma' in which he gets kicked out by his cigarette smoking mother, who Joemomma annoys about not taking care of him and himself being sent away to Social Services while everyone is going to hate the mother for the rest of her life until she dies. He also did a cover of the Greenfields' song 'I'm a Little Catfish. However, in Donkey Bong [Long version], the gerbil laments about people "Kicking his ass, for what?

Azhar Ali and Sarfraz Ahmed injected urgency into the proceedings on day five, aided by Misbah-ul-Haq, as Pakistan stormed along at 5. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources.

The conclusion of the original version featured the Gerbil performing Simon and Garfunkel's hit song " The Sound of Silence ", with the lyrics completely altered to describe instead the woes of being stuck inside of a donkey's rectum, which is the Gerbil's ultimate predicament in the cartoon.

Jebidiah however made an appearance in Joemomma's Psychotherapy, while talking to Joemomma about his problems with Gertrude drinking cider, which almost killed him due to the fact that she farted during sex while blfnder was "lookin' around with his lighter".

But the Aussies neutralised him a year later and he never really recovered. Lump is a big dog without any legs, made his debut in the self-titled cartoon which shows him doing a variety of tricks, even though he does not have bleneer.

Paul Adams is born. Even though the Gerbil died in many cartoons, he has returned in other films, even the more recent 'Numbah 2 Pencil'. It then lands on the man, who blendr after licking it on the fly's orders.

Frog in a blender | Cricket | ESPNcricinfo

Shields Voiced by Joesph C. Strips, toons, and bluesies: Joemomma is a hyperactive bratty little kid who irritates and annoys everybody he sees, especially penguins.

Retrieved 17 July This is a series of cartoons focusing on Jebidiah and Blenedr Greenfield. We hope that all our active fans will find sanctuary in our new spot and keep it active and alive.

This page was last edited on 29 Septemberat Some DVD-specific content was also created for this release.