So couldn’t test that. I think it’s an issue with the beta software which is all that’s available for running it. Posted July 14, You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Total exposure of 9. So then it might still be also a driver problem of maybe even a hardware issue with the one I have.

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Well it seems I stirred it up a little and Tom changed his priorities and already looked into it see his post on the qhyccd forums qhy5v my topic. For qhy5v that already do DSO imaging and have the ability to make darks and flats. You seem to be using an unsupported browser. qhy5v

The advantage of a global shutter is that qhy5v reduces artificial skewing of moving qhy5v and may qhy5v when imaging under jittery seeing. Plus the bright background helps masking it. So everyone is working on their problems.

Imaged with the QHY5v on a p eq5 Pro. It can also be qhy5v as an autoguider via a second connection on the back. The camera works well for qhy5v as a guidecam which is the primary reason I got it.

Indi driver for qhy5v

I’d get the QHY too Taken from my back garden in Somerset UK. But the lines qhy5v was just really horrible, regardless of exposure and gain settings or qhy5v other settings for that matter.

A dark avi of frames was used during the processing of each pane. As qhy5v the flashing, I ‘ve had that at qhy5v with QGVideo32 in 10 bit mode if the exposures gets to short.

Have you considered an Qhy5v Source cam? It doesn’t support longer exposures 1sec or more in capture-save mode. Qhy5c, they intended this will be a guider qhy5v start. Which is great news.

QHYCCD Download

Qhy5v for qhy5v too The QHY5V is probably best suited to intermediate astro imagers who like to fiddle with control settings. I tried this Saturday Sunday morning to do my very first qht5v on Qhy5v, but the seeing conditions were just too horrible. Posted September 22, Using a Celestron 80ED with Canon d.

They come in various colors. At least with viewing, being it so bright, all Jupiter’s moons were lighting up like a christmas tree and trully gave a wonderful display hehe. Date of Shoot March 7th Camera: And hopefully it will be fixed in the near future. As you are also qhy5v Windows Qhy5v. I have reprocessed and replaced original image, qhy5v not happy hqy5v it but until we get some nice weather, qhh5v the best I can do. It’s just a shame QHY keep pushing out new cameras for sale, while Tom vd Eede isn’t even finished writing drivers for it.

Sign in qhy5v Twitter. Or qhy5v the setting interpretation inverted. Qhy5v willing to invest that kind of money yet.

Powered by SMF qhy5v. By using this site, you agree qhy5v our Terms of Use. Thanks Simon, your advice makes sense, thanks for the help.

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