Fake Website Shield Helps you avoid fake websites so you don't unknowingly give criminals your passwords, credit card numbers, and other personal data. Even an advertisement might try to install something on your computer. They can deliver payloads of malware too. Worried about the next big ransomware attack?

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With AVG protecting your system, you can chat and message your friends on Facebook and other social networks in the knowledge that each web page and link is checked for safety. Privacy Cookies All third party trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Postpones AVG scans, updates, and popups to avoid interrupting you while you're working, playing games, or watching videos. Sites are rated in four categories, each of which is colour-coded for easy recognition.

AVG Internet Security

Helps you avoid malicious trijan used by hackers by warning you when you connect to an unsecure Wi-Fi network. Helps clean up your browser by removing unwanted or potentially dangerous browser toolbars and extensions that may have been installed without your permission.

Zombies are real, and your computer might be one! Rate and review it.

AVG | AVG Anti-Virus FREE

I like that unlike other virus protection it stays in the background unless it finds something. We also give you antivirus for all your Android devices.

Find the best anti-malware and malware removal tools here! The Most Dangerous Hackers Today. Tricking you this way is called social engineering, because the criminals designed a situation to make you act against your interest. Data Safe Got something you don't want anyone else to see?

Blocks dangerous email attachments to prevent you from falling victim to fake emails or friends who may have unknowingly forwarded you malware. If you click it, we scan it — with our best internet security software, you always know your way is clear. We block spam, scams, and malicious phishing emails to keep your inbox cleaner and help stop you from giving your passwords and credit card numbers to the bad guys.

What is a Trojan Horse? Is it Malware or a Virus? | AVG

Some countries are more dangerous than others for PCs -- we tell you which countries have the highest and lowest volumes of malware attacks. We block spam and scams, and even help you avoid fake copycat websites, to prevent you from accidentally giving our passwords or credit card numbers to the bad guys.

Trojans are a type of malicious software that can hide in your computer and steal bank details, credit card info and passwords. Dramatically shortens scanning times by intelligently skipping files it already knows are safe i. Turbo Scan Dramatically shortens scanning times by intelligently skipping files it already knows are safe i. Everything you should know about malware, how it works, what it does and how to remove it. Spyware is the sneakiest kind of malware: AVG Community Protection Network Information about the latest threats is collected from customers who choose to participate, enabling us to constantly identify new threats, supporting everyone in the AVG community and helping us to provide superior anti-virus protection.

Choose the right antivirus software from our top 10 list for and protect yourself from malware and other threats. Find out more about adware and how to remove it.

The top 10 best free antivirus programs for Windows 7, 8, and 10, and Linux OS. Find out what a computer virus is, what it does, how it spreads and how you can protect yourself, with examples of the most common types of virus.

With proactive advice from AVG, the power to boost performance and enhance protection is in your hands. He's the greatest malware of all time. Speed up your web experience Enjoy online video faster than ever before. I tried other anti-virus programs on it, but none of them compared to AVG Free. Find out more about how spyware works and how to remove it. It worked like a charm, and it didn't slow me down. Usage For personal and family use only.