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The flight logs can be displayed, showing height profile and where you went. Please keep your client version of TS3 up-to-date for best performance and less problems with connectivity. Having said that, real gliders have some inertia too, so I am being hyper critical here. Condor is a superb glider sim.

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I don't recall destroying a sikulator with excessive 'G', or colliding with another glider, but knowing how well the Condor team have simulated other things, I expect those are correctly simulated too. This means that the aerodynamics and weather physics were in focus of the development. Simjlator accompanying screen shots were taken at Lesce-bled which is part of the scenery that comes with Condor. I've set the release to be the trigger on my joystick.

We have expanded also glider classes. The Condor team have done an excellent job with it. If I am to be hyper critical, I could point out that in common with other PC based flight sims I've tried. What you can't do with Condor: A 'hat' switch on a joystick can be programmed to change the view to either side or up down etc. This may be because I'm using an old version of Condor, or maybe I just haven't set up the weather correctly for lee waves.

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You can't put the world to rights on a rainy day with your friends in the clubhouse. The sink is also less. The scenery has some wonderful mountain areas, interspersed with valleys with some gliding clubs and villages.

I've not found any. More information at Simulatr You can take lessons with the flight school option. It then comes tight with a jerk. The way the gliders fly and respond to the controls, the speed, and the air around them etc is very good.

If a pilot pushes the nose down too much on tow, the rope can bow and become slack. A lot of attention was put in to create an environment which would create an immersion of real competition flying.

Feel free to join us to be in touch with latest eoaring, infos etc.

Video: Condor 2.0 Physics

We have recently upgraded our TeamSpeak3 server to the latest version: Winch launch failure rate can be programmed in, but you can always pull the release at any time. What you can do with Condor- You can take off by winch or aero tow, fly circuits, soar in thermal and ridge, and of course land anywhere sensible including fields.

All slopes generate less lift in light winds. They move a split second after the actual joystick is moved.

Yet I still can't fault the Condor flight model. However, if landing in turbulence, that last hold off action with a sharp stick movement is not as immediately effective as simluator a real glider. Like other flying simulators, to get the best out of Condor, the PC needs a joysticks to provide proportional elevator and aileron control. The result is amazingly real feel of flight in all flight regimes and weather conditions which challenges a real soaring pilot on a competition day.

The behaviour of gliders at the stall, with and without rudder simulatoor, with and without a wing down.

You can set a task round various turn points, short or long distance, and then fly it, and see what time you achieve. You can't drive the winch or fly the tug. Turbulence can be set, at various levels.

This may be because I'm using an old version of Condor.

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