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Ok Stunt Superstar, strap on your crash helmet and show us your best! Part of a series on: Off Road Challenge [49]. Real cars, you might have noticed, rarely cartwheel into the verge the moment you dare to mix steering and acceleration inputs. By Kyle Cheromcha July 25,

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For example, if you are struggling to get over a particular hill during a race, expand your booster capabilities for some extra oomph! AccoladeEidos InteractiveCoconuts Japan. Have you got what it takes for this challenging off-road experience? The Forza Horizon series is like a music festival for cars: But there are muscle cars, endurance cars, and open-wheel racers to choose from in this package, all of them brilliantly recreated and offering unique driving challenges.

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Eastern Road GP [24]. Free games offer the same immersive worlds and challenging scenarios as paid games, all without the annoying price tag. Off Road Thunder [50]. Slightly Mad StudiosStraight Right.

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It was such a monumental leap forward in quality that succeeding Gran Turismo games have felt slightly unfinished as a result, and it maintained that reputation as the ultimate driving simulator until the Forza series started to get its act together by the end of the s. It also has one of the most novel conceits in the computee.

All these small details accumulate to let you know that Codemasters really, gamez care about this sport. There is a steering delay on the ice track, and get prepared long before the turn to not miss it. If you drive over a banana, its peel stays on the track, and harms other players.

Police Supercars Racing Choose your supercar and help police to battle against crime! Super Bikes 2 [78]. Timing is all important as you methodically switch gears for optimum speed, while strategic alterations before the race dar give your car that extra boost needed to reach the Checkered Flag first.

Sumo DigitalGameloftFeral Interactive. Nitroracers Try to win in this crazy racing. With Formula 1 in mind - Kart racing can bring you both fun and extreme action. While the studio appears to have lost its way a bit with the dubious free-to-play RaceRoom Racing Ocmputer, SimBin were sim racing royalty during the mids.

Home Best New action adventure arcade driving beauty puzzle shooting skill sports. In the meantime, get fired into the speedy sensations above.

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Most of them are 3D, but many 2D car games also exist. The name says it all, Lethal Brutal Racing is a crazy action-packed racing game.

Blast through sandy terrain in Desert Race, a high-speed racing game featuring tons of tracks, custom truck upgrades, and insane competition! If your buggy crashes you land on topyou have to start the level again.

These games have got you covered. Crazy Monster Trucks Crazy Monster Trucks brings you challenging obstacle courses and several unlockable monster trucks to try out. By Kyle Cheromcha July 25, These car games received a rating of 9. Canyon really has a winning, unique selling point.

Perhaps you prefer something more relaxing, such as a parking game that tests your keyboard control and reflexes, challenging you to park your car with damaging either the car or passing pedestrians? San Francisco Rush [61].

Red Line Racer [56]. Ask almost anyone between the ages of 25 and 40 what their favorite racing game was when they were younger, and chances are you'll get something from the iconic Gran Turismo series.

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