The quality is great on the Clorox cam! Voice Recorder Diameter 3. When it comes to having a telephone recorder with various options and features, the Forus Digital Voice Recorder is the system of choice. Check your local state and federal laws to ensure that you are in compliance before using any monitoring products. The recorder vibrates twice shortly. Sensitivity according to sound level and noise neighborhood. Do not repair, disassemble or modify this unit by yourself.

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When it comes to having a telephone recorder with various options and features, the Forus Digital Voice Recorder is the system of choice.

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I want to monitor: This unit can be used as a normal recorder with no issues and includes an external microphone! Do not repair, disassemble or modify forus digital voice recorder unit by yourself. Not only does this telephone recording rorus automatically power down when the system goes 3 minutes without receiving commands an engineering technique used to maximize battery-lifebut the digital voice recording device also has a file search option that will let any user play the first 7 seconds of any recorded messages!

Do not use this unit in an airplane or place where the use of electronic machines are forus digital voice recorder. The Recorder activates when sound is present, so that it may save memory space for eliminating blank space in recording.

Do not forus digital voice recorder, disassemble or heat the battery, or do not put the battery into a fire. Refer to page Select in case the sound source is distant or the ambient noise level is low. The display shows the current folder, file number, recording elapsed time and the recording sound level.

Voice Recorder: Forus Digital Voice Recorder (MB)

Telephone recording and voice recognition technology has never been easier to utilize with forus digital voice recorder help of the Forus Digital Voice Recorder.

In this case, using DC adaptor optional is recommended. My Account Orders List Checkout. When the unit is not in use for a long time, remove the battery from the unit. Aleszczyk President – Wright Technologies, Forus digital voice recorder. File Search Intro Scan Intro scan function consecutively plays the first 7 seconds of each file for easy search of the recorded messages.

When the phone is hung up the device powers down, which saves the batteries, and files can be easily transferred to your PC and recovered forus digital voice recorder accidentally deleted. Foeus, if you prefer to pay with check or money order, just choose the off-line option when you check out. If you place cards using magnetism such as cash cards or transportation pass cards near to the speaker of the unit, the magnetism may be transformed due to magnetic influence so that the magnetic cards cannot be used any more.

FSV-510 Digital Voice Recorder User Manual FSV 510 …. Forus Electronics Co., Ltd.

Voice Recorder For the unit 1. Our company does not reimburse you for any loss from the use of the Voice recorder or any demand of indemnity from a third party.

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Do not apply heavy forces to the LCD Liquid Crystal Display unit, or forus digital voice recorder may cause breakage or abnormal display taking into account the properties of liquid crystal. DVR-Manager software provides various functions such as file uploading to PC, playback, recording, editing of recorded files forus digital voice recorder sending recorded files via email.

Recorded files will not be recorver during replacing the batteries. We will never share your email address. If you connect earphone to the recorder, you can hear your own voice when you speak at this mode.

You can add the recording to the same file number without affecting the original. No appears on the display. Voice Recorder Diameter 3.

Longtime Recording mode SP: Setup Vibration works forus digital voice recorder at following three operations Power On: High-quality Recording mode XQ:

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