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This is determined randomly when the item is dropped but the odds are along the lines of: Grand Charms The favourite of many, since skillers are almost universally popular. There are no rare , set , or crafted Charms in regular Diablo II , though they may well appear in Mods. If you're aiming for the very best, this is where you'll find it.

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diablo 2 - What is a good strategy for finding and rerolling charms? - Arqade

If you are looking for both a prefix AND a suffix, take the highest item level. The weakest lightning suffix, dealing dialo damage than the second fire suffix.

Therefore, all the magic items they drop are item level Superb charms to have.

Bonus if you collect lots of gems, too. May 30, Messages: Even plain, these are worth keeping. All Unique Boots Normal: Worth keeping plain, valuable with a good suffix. Sign up using Facebook. Jan 4, Messages: For the math lots of mathgo here. If you know what sort of charms you are looking for, you can use the charm affix list.

Adds - Fire Damage, ilvl 74 These far surpass the damage available on a Smoking small charm, and considering the fact that Flaming small charms are obscenely difficult to find whereas Flaming large charms are very easy, these charms are very useful.

Maybe the next revision should also list the Clvl required to use certain affixes on different size charms.

Almost half the damage of the small charm equivalent, at 3x the size. Venomancers and Bonemages are very popular, and these skillers help both considerably, making them very valuable. Share This Page Tweet.

Charms (Diablo II)

With a good suffix, these can be obscenely valuable. Poison damage bonuses are quite useful in Diablo II. Retrieved from " https: Alok 7, 12 56 It was not made to be used as a law of trade values, to be referred to when so-and-so player refuses to trade you his Stormlash for a Pestilent small charm of Anthrax.

Page Discussion Edit History. The problem being that the best suffix to couple it with, Vita, provides less life per inventory space on large charms than small, making the Serpent's suffix considerably less valuable here than on small charms.

A toxic small charm of pestilence is very tradable, and worth at least a TC72 elite unique. The other lists can be found at the above affix list link. Otherwise it only adds slightly to a good prefix's worth. Adds Cold Damage Over 1 Seconds, ilvl 1 Worthless alone, and diabpo very marginally contributing to a good hcarm worth. Gheed's is obviously highly valued as a big boost to Magic Find from a charm alone.

Still fairly useful for untwinked builds though.

Charm Affixes

Adds 1- Lightning Damage, ilvl 4 Lightning: Area level reference here. Hammerdins are recognized as one of the most powerful characters in the game, and these directly boost their killing ability, making Lion Branded skillers incredibly tradeable.

Adds - Cold Damage Over 1 Seconds, ilvl 60 Still worthless alone, but this would contribute significantly to a good prefix's worth, particularly a strong elemental damage prefix. The bonuses can stack with suffixes of similar type.

Adds - Fire Damage, ilvl 78 Even plain, these are worth keeping unless they're extremely low-end.

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