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If I am limited to total game time of one second, it will be difficult to determine how long the algorithm should run for each turn. This is not minimax. We start in the top left corner, and try placing it horizontally.

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And don't call other users a troll. It would be interesting to know about. This is about the best that I could put together in my free time, which is about non-existent. It's not the absolute number, however, we're looking for. A simple implementation of this refined strategy is to create a stack of potential targets. Below is a chart of the cumulative probabilities of finishing the game in n -moves or less, and you can see the improvement of both these basic strategies over pure random guessing.

Jason - Good catch. I can compile and link-in a separate assembly.


The destroyer is length 2, and with this sunk, it only leaves the aircraft carrier, which is large, and harder to hide. We're now deep into the sinking this ship cluster.

On turn 3 it has hit something and turns bsttleship Target mode. ShotHit Point shot, bool sunk ; but not which ship you sunk!

DotA Ai Maps Download - Battleships Crossfire ~ Dota All Stars, Dota Maps, Dota AI, and Guide

We're simply looking for the most likely location for a ship to be located in based on the information we already know. The Frozen Throne Recommended version: No ships may overlap, but they may be adjacent.

B While baytleship description indicates drawing diagonals immediately from the start, ideally the algorithm merely shoots at 'random' locations that are along those diagonals. Minelayer 12,5 kts was 12 ; Minefield Cooldown now 45s was 50s ; Submarine emerged: I have never seen so many political references in a map.

It would randomly fire at locations on the opposing battelship. I have other extensions in mind too, so I think Ship should be inheritable. We start in the top left corner, and try placing it horizontally. Identify stages in the game and act accordingly.

Battleships Crossfire | HIVE

Pinnace Collision Size 15; Juggernaut, Doublejugger: Feb 3, Messages: Probability Density Functions Now that we will be told when a ship is sunk, we know which ships and even more importantly mal the lengths of the ships are still active. Thanks for your suggestions for next version: Identify the mp style of the competitor - it may give you clues as to how they plan ship placement ie, chances are good that their own algorithm most quickly identifies how they place their own ships - if the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail -Adam.

Adding in things like a 3d plane or being able to move a single ship instead of shoot for a turn would probably change the game a fair bit. This one has prolly the most different features, such as fishing, whalehunting, doubling 2 uncombined weapons of the same kind double automatically one time to a doubled weapon to get a free itemslotcombining 2 doubled weapons can be combined by buying a combining to one weapon to get a free itemslot and battleshi things allowing different experiences and outcomes in every game.

There's no mechanism to try to determine and then counter an enemy strategy, which is what makes similar competitions based around successive rounds of "rock paper scissors" pretty interesting. We've created the Staff Job Openings thread.

The algorithm selects the location with the highest count of possible ships that could be positioned through that square. The image on the left shows the probability distribution, and the red-reticle shows the selected next location to fire at. Unless that's what they're expecting you to do.

Also - to simplify, I recommend that you:

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