Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. If you have the story mode enabled, sims will get fat or thin, or a bunch of other things, while you're not playing them. Sims move and choose partners logically.

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You will need to delete these worlds and restart them completely if you ever wish to remove Awesome Mod for some reason. Haha, thanks for saying so. Log In Sign Up.

Awesome Mod & You - Sims FAQ

When I get some free time I'll be grabbing that stuff back up. If you want to play the pedo way, lure the 12 into somewhere private. The game was updated. As of the time this was written, Awesome Mod is not officially supporting Generations or the 1. If you installed bypassing origin with CDs aweskme whatever you can definitely manual install 1. Originally Posted by whiterider That method became outdated in either orI forget which.

I'd get AwesomeMod for this slms.

How/where can I get awesomemod for the Sims 3? : thesims

I think I will just stick with Overwatch and Error trap. What is AM Story mode looking for in a house? Awesomd a final note, there can be only one core mod installed into your game.

So is the Awesome Config file.

I learned and I am posting for all who are new: Game content and materials copyright Electronic Arts Inc. More topics from this board BlueSoup has a fat head! These days I don't even want to think about dealing with installing everything piece by piece, patch by patch, and THEN dealing with mods on top.

EA really frustrates me with the decisions they make sometimes. I still would like some more info on AwesomeMod.

I just want to play the game I paid for in peace: Different players have different simz with that built-in warning. This will create a. I don't even have to enter the key codes awesomf Steam, it does everything for me with one click. Two expansions were disk only but I don't think I can use them with the Steam copy, only Origin Once you save with AM in your game it has to remain in your game for that save file to work correctly.

How to install the Sims 3 Awesome Mod

Even the slowest dolt should realize if you undo whatever you did to install Awesomemod everything is as it was. The reason why people "get mad" is because eims isn't really that difficult to play around with it and answer your questions yourself.

This will get the game up and running just fine. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

Awesomemod working, spawnmoreoverlords not. Awesome and NRaas mods can co-exist. How do I install it? I will do that.