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I can select which side the sound comes out of or bypass the crossfader altogether.

What is specially helpful is when you think you are going to play a track but then you get that "great idea" to play something different so I just load it to the other deck and toggle it in and play it. I must be old skool: So I use 4 decks to stage ahead This is what I posted on the other thread accessible from the download section ; Thanks djdad for the update to version 2.

Best Regards Gianluca P. Posted Wed 23 Jul 14 2: I don't get to technical, lol! This is a myth perpetrated by traktor marketing videos on youtube Keith Posted Fri 16 Sep 11 2: Posted Fri 18 Jul 14 Huey Posted Tue 13 Sep 11 8: But with your skin I can't do this with the mouse virtjal it is needed.

Is it correct that to seck the browser in full screen mode I must hold down the "Browse" button on controller? Posted Tue 13 Veck 11 8: Posted Fri 18 Jul 14 8: Even though it was sometimes kinda. I'll usually have a looped beat with vocals on one then use the 3rd deck to move to a different acapella with the same beat I think someone else already mentioned that style too.

Currently I'm just using deck 1 and 2 as my mains to mix the music, and deck3 for tones and loops while deck 4 has scratch samples.

VIRTUAL DJ SOFTWARE - VirtualDJ 8 - SWAP Skin (4 Decks)

Posted Fri 16 Sep 11 I use these extensively when I want to beat mix or disable beat mixing. How do YOU use 4 decks? I've just started using the four decks but only for remixes I've been doing where I've needed a 3rd or 4th deck for samples. Posted Mon 02 Jul 18 5: I thing I found interesting was the use of the crossfader.

Posted Tue 13 Sep 11 7: Actually it resize the main wave-form over the decks too, but, for me, it's redundat, because there's already a vertical "bar" on top left of main wave-form that do this functionality.

Virtual DJ - Mix on more than 2 decks

Or I loop parts of 4 differant songs and mix between them. Prepare for imminent mod-lock. Posted Mon 19 Sep 11 9: With the new two deck option and the big browser, you have almost duplicated what I have been doing: It's handy, but normally I only need two decks to work with.

I altered the VMS skin so that the crossfaders sides were configurable, so I could rule out certain desks virtal even move left to right: I have used your deck swap skin for VDJ7 for quite some time.

Or if it doesn't sound right, then I can just toggle back my original idea and play it.

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