NOT picking on one or the other. We like to watch more complicated ones because it makes us think. The peak number of viewers are in brackets.

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You are commenting using your Facebook account. Calorie was the loud one in here but still had her own moments. I promised I would comment, so here it is FYI….

Forensic Heroes III

He lives with his father Shun-hing, his wife Eva Chowand their daughter Man-man. And were equally forenssic — with their own methods. The drama was a ratings success, and is Hong Kong's highest-rating serial drama of SO it was really enjoyable to watch for me with these two. Using his unparalleled expertise in criminal psychology and firearm mechanics, Pro Sir works closely with Mandy Chung Maggie Cheungthe senior pathologist who is considered an expert in many fields, including psychology, anthropology, criminology and forensic science.

That was so amazing. Ken also gives Angel her first kiss on the lips. hetoes

Always liked Yuen Wah since the old days so enjoyed his performance. He is also a karate expert and participates in annual contests. I meant come on now.

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Not to mention how he had such a sense of humor as well. Once in a while is good, but too many times a year?

Click here to learn more. Who do I prefer then? Yet I like her being around with the rest of the team. Retrieved from " https: Not sure if I was still biased against her since after watching Be Home For Dinner but her performance in here was similar even if the character was different. Perhaps his loyalty to Madame Leung and his colleagues made it the most memorable.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Gorensic Read Edit View history. I guess being paired up with the main guy made it better advantage since she was the first female lead.

Though he was really hard-working. I was so scared they would make his character so wishy-washy when his ex-wife return and all.

Hui and Professor T. Mmmm…would never imagined them together yet I got into the storyline. YET the deduction made it fascinating.

Forensic Heroes III – Reflections

Important information about purchasing this product: Please enable cookies in your browser to experience all the features of our site, including the ability to make a purchase. That made her character not too one-layered.

Wayne Lai as Pro Sir. Can the forensic experts and the police work together to solve the toughest cases? The tip of scale between both teams. The girl was portrayed by Lily Ho. But seriously, I tried to analyze all angles OR as many angles as I could.