French learning podcasts

You can also download a free guide that explains in greater detail some of the concepts covered in the podcast. This is one of the best podcasts for learning French in a bind. I'm really enjoying the podcasts and the excellent PDF guides! With thanks and best wishes. Given their affordable and accessible nature, podcasts are a great option when seeking to improve your French language skills.

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France24 is a great resource for those who want to hear the world news in French. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Study in your own time, at your own pace. A story by LingQ 26 th Oct 18 Hosts Kerstin and Lindsay explore creative and independent approaches to learning new language skills in the modern era. Listening to the Native French Speech Podcast will expose you to a wide range of topics, including current events and happenings across France.

Rather than translating whole phrases for you, you gain an understanding of each word and how it can be used in other contexts. Beginner Lessons Lessons are listed in groups of 10, with the newest lesson at the top.

Yes Japan The Yes Japan podcast series provides bitesize bits of grammar, vocabulary and culture — all in video format. The Trump presidency is nearing the mid-term elections in November.

Learn French by Podcast

They offer a lot of free lessons on iTunes. Although I am only a 'beginner' at learning French, I think I'm making some real progress, with your help. When I started listening I had a reasonable level of comprehension of written French. Though the hosts use a lot of slang and other vocabulary that even advanced listeners might not yet be familiar with, the topics are global enough that you should definitely be able to get the gist of the discussion.

Speak a new language with confidence. Full of encouraging advice and little nuggets of language gold for Italian learners, this one is well worth subscribing to. This daily French podcast is all about the most important news of the day. Coffee Break French Coffee Break French is exactly that — a French lesson that you can do during a coffee break at work.

You can also download a ffench guide that explains in greater detail some of the concepts covered in the podcast. Want to learn French from content you love? Episodes span topics like how the French celebrate Christmas, the French education systems, marriage in Paris and dating tips. To make it easier frnech you, we collected some of our favorite French-language podcasts, or balladodiffusionesfor everyone who wants to learn French with podcasts, from beginners to advanced speakers.

Definitely 5 stars plus! This is a fast way to learn basic French conversation skills, including how to properly pronounce greetings and questions.

Top 10 podcasts to help you learn a language

I am making my way through them all and know that my French listening and speaking skills are improving. DailyFrenchPod is a podcast for beginners, poxcasts also advanced French learners who want to brush up on their French. Many teachers will agree that confidence is an essential aspect of learning a new language.

The lessons are topical and informative and the PDF guides provide a great backup to the audio.

Afterwards, the hysterical hosts dissect the hard parts. Talk in French is a helpful podcast that teaches French lessons within the context of culture, politics and geography.

Beginner Lessons

The Fluent Show level: Perhaps the first thing tourists to the French capital must think about is how best to get around. This lesson complements Lesson 5, which we prepared a good while back.

Kerstin, a German language tutor, brings a mix of wonderful and inspiring guests on to her podcast, including popular language learning bloggers Benny Lewis and Olly Richards. Daily French Pod is a podcast for French learners of all abilities, including novices. Your email address will not be published.

Now that you have some more experience with the language under your belt, you can move on to podcasts that are a little more complex.

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