You will probably want to annotate your game and add variations. Rowdy Blueman 9 years 3 months ago Permalink. We think we've found one, and before we implement it we'd like you to test it.

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PGN Viewer Usage

Dirk 9 years 3 months ago Permalink. I'll get back to you on this. Probably the easiest way to edit a PGN is to use an editor:. If you can elaborate more that would be appreciated because otherwise we cannot even try to solve these problems. You want a PGN viewer? Although i like silverlight, we have imcompatibility issues. By eliminating the Knight on c3, it becomes possible to sacrifice the exchange via Nxe4 and smash White's center, while the King remains trapped in the center.

Some common problems that are easy to miss: Is there something to download?

Aug 17, 4. After testing it on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera fempo exchanging many emails with Richard, which helped him to tweak and improve his viewer a bit more, we're ready to display it over here and ask your opinion. Finally there seem to be some choices out there.

Probably the cyess way to edit a PGN is to use an editor: I would welcome the change to this viewer.

Doing so may result in a ban. Menu on left side smarc 7 min ago. Why isn't the board showing up? Indent every line with four spaces. Feb 17, Thorn 9 years 3 months ago Permalink. You want to update the PGN file and then have the viewer display the games.

To avoid this either indent your lines by 4 spaces, OR use a backslash to escape the dot after the first number. Do not post content, memes, jokes, videos or images that don't offer useful chess insight. ciewer

Also, the notation window should auto scroll as you move forward. Xhess 9 years 3 months ago Permalink. Perhaps some more space could be included between the drop down menu for the games and the board.

It took me a while to figure it out.

Also to note, if you want to show the game with black on the bottom, set up the board with the first white move already made tempp a FEN string. I use Palview yet, but I have to agree with Peter, it is really hard work put the games in this viewer, you waste too much time on it. Fischer offers his queen in exchange for a fierce attack with his minor pieces.


Mar 9, 6. Remember that any ' characters within the pgnString must be escaped, e. The minimal markup is as an example: FAQ What is tenpo minimal markup I have to use?

Some of them were useful feedback and Martin Bennedik actually improved the game viewer in subsequent weeks and we improved the way the moves were shown on the pages. I too have been uncomfortable about the issue of Silverlight not working on all machines, but my attitude has been I wouldn't have a viewer at all if it wasn't for Martin's board.